Does he really want to hang out with me?

me: I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime

him: Maybe soon I'm just super busy with school and work for the next month :/

me: yeah, exams are coming up soon...just let me know when you're free and I'll be holding you up on that offer :P

him: aite word

me: yeah word lol

at the last part I was just trying to be funny and what not but the part that he said about next month we have a month until final exams so it kinda does make sense but I don't know if he really meant it or not...what do you think?


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  • I think this is headed in the right direction


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  • Well it's only logical that he may want some time to revise and all.. I think maybe sometimes us ladies can read too much into something but hey when the exams are over then you will know for sure. But be positive and in the mean time keep in touch with him from time to time. Casual, "Hey", " All the best in the exams" text messages can be a way to keep in touch.

    • what do you mean revise?

    • I meant study, he would want to study for the exams so do you. Everything else will be answered after the exams. For now, it's fairly a good start.

    • the only thing about that is that school will be over by then ha ha

      but I mean he said "maybe soon" so I kinda think he was saying that we can hang out soon, but he's not sure because of his busy schedule (and plus he put the frowny face lol)

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