Should I call him again?

Ok, so I met this guy a couple of days ago at a party. I went with one of my girls. He asked for my number and I gave him. We go to the same church, I see him around and I think he is kinda cute. The only problem is that he has a kid. I prefer to avoid all the baby mama drama. Anyways, at the party he said we should go some place else for drinks and I told him I couldn't ditch my friend. Today he texted me and I thought it was one of my friends, she is married with a kid. Anyways he said he was bored and I said he should come over but I actually thought I was talking to my friend. I was saying she could bring her kid along.Anyways so when he called me and said he was on his way I was like...what? And I started explaining to him that I didn't know it was him. I didn't want him to come to my place cos

1. It was messy

2. When guys come to your place, they think the are gonna be getting some and I was not ready to put out.

Anyways, I gave him false hope and he seems 2 be kinda mad. I sent him a text and called him 3 times but he didn't budge. Do you think I genuinely hurt him or he is just acting out. ANother thing I mistakenly said I have a friend with a kid but she is married. I really didn't mean it like that and I am not judging him. So what do you think?


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  • HAHAHA sorry its funny how you messed it all up by thinking it was your friend you where inviting over this is what... I THINKK & I am kind of in the same place as you I like this guy who has a child too :( but hey if you like him you can't help it! you just have to go with what you want & what your heart tells you! but anyways...I THINK yes it was wrong that you confused it by saying come over thinking it was your friend but it was HIM! it seens to me that yes he is ABVIOUSLY BUTT HURT about that it wasn't meant for him to come over and yea it probably hurt his feeling but I think yes try one more time BUT TEXT HIM OR CALL HIM in a way that it is seeming that you really want to hang out like hey lets hang out I'm bored! or something that will make him not come over because uts messy I bet he really wanted to hang out but yea the way you said it confused him but try again now ITS YOUR TURN ! to ask him out or kind of not too desperate I know how it is as a girl I don't want to ask the guy out but ill will probably text him saying hey what's up?or I'm bored or what have you been doing ETC! good luck

    • LOl...Thanks for the advice..THings can seem like they are on speed dial when kids are involved. I actually didn't call him again and he texted me today, which I didn't reply. Now,t hat you mentioned it, maybe I'll just call him since my phone has been switched off since yesterday. But its kinda tricky with guys ..Who knows he might have been mad cos he didn't get laid and not cos...

      What is your own situation with the person you like that has a kid?;)

    • why didn't you reply? wow that's mean yes call him up ! this is what I think yes we both like this guy that has a kid but with me I feel sort of like a connection with him he is funny &is not annoying it just I don't know you know when you like someone but I'll see how it all goes we got to hang out & go to the movies but I'm not sure he is just funny almost what I look for in a guy ...