Do you mope around when you're bored and down?

Well, do you? Do you mope around and sulk when you have absolutely nothing to do and no one to talk to? TV gets mind numbing after a while, and so does the computer. Give me your best advice for busying my idle hands!


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  • Learn how to do something. Like knitting.

    Or practice doing your hair or something like that ( I do that, cause I suck so badly at doing my hair)

    Or go on a walk or bike ride.

    Call a friend.

    Paint your nails.

    BAKE! (I love to bake!)

    Read a book

    I also find that when I am bored (or angry) I can clean well and quickly, so you could try that.

    • 1 - I have none of those darn sticks or yarn

      2 - I am great at that already.

      3 - I don' t have a bike and it's late at night.

      4 - I don't have any friendz. =(

      5 - OK but that takes 3 min

      6 - but then I would eat it =(

      7 - books are OK but then I get so bored I have to go masturbate

      8 - you're on to something!

    • Thanks for best answer (:

      You're obviously much better than I at girlie things... it takes me like fifteen to thirty minutes to do my nails! Also, there's nothing wrong with masturbating, I was gonna put that on the list. haha, I should have!

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  • i am there now... and my dad always calls me out on it. I hate it. want to be friends?

  • i don't have idle hands. they pretty much control the TV remote or type on the computer or grip it and rip it.

  • I mope around quite a bit when I am bored and there is nothing to do.

    I've been living alone for just over 2 months now, so I've been moping around a lot!

    One of the things I did, was to go out and buy a Nintendo Wii. It at least gives me something to do aside from watching TV or getting onto the computer.

    I've also created accounts with a couple of the online dating sites, so I can meet women in my area. I've had quite a few write back to me so far, so I must be doing something right!

    • Smart cookie. I hope you make some new friends soon.

  • Fatalism sets in after a while. Then it's terminal.

    • LOL> use this dude as a counter example. Strictly serious answers plz!

    • If you need strangers on the internet to tell you what your hobbies are, then you are the counter-example for a lot more than just this.

    • Me? Ouch. Night time hobbies are harder to pick up.

What Girls Said 3

  • no. I just find something to do to keep myself busy.

  • most relaxing thing to do is just... you know, find a friend and do nothing but laze around looking out the window and maybe talking once in a while to each other.


    Gosh I'm bored right now that's why I'm searching "bored" here on girls ask guys.

    Usually I would like to go to a used book store and buy books I never read, or I would try to hang out with a friend, and go eat and sit around talking around a pond or something.

    I really don't like to sit by myself for long, I need someone to talk to! UGH!


  • yes sometimes. sometimes you just don't feel like doing anything even though you should