What are guys' intentions when they just kiss you?

i was walking to class and some guy i like was far away but he saw me and said hey then came to me then hugged me & just kissed me but then after that i just left because we don't have the same class , by the way , this is like the 3rd time he does that . and sometimes he says "where's your boyfriend?" i say "i don't have one" he says "oh well i'm your boyfriend" i say "ok" *but could he just be playing around ?


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  • WHOOOAAAA. Time the f*** out on the capitals, my frickin eyeballs are going to have a seizure. Yes he likes you, good lord how can you miss it? Generally guys don't walk up to a girl, kiss them, hug them, and tell them they're their boyfriend when they're "just playing around". He could be a player though, so keep an eye out for that, but yeah I'm pretty damn sure he figures you guys are together.

    • But he said that almost 3-4 months ago, & I don't see him alot. . .

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    • Wait , he said that 3-4 months ago and kissed me today ... ?

    • omigosh! Well be bloody well kissed you now didn't he? Just make an educated assumption and start acting like you're in a relationship. If you want to that is. Ya know you could try f***ing with him and playing games and sh*t, though that's kind of lame.

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  • That's the sweetest thing I've heard. asks if you have boyfriend (like making sure his not flirting or something). I think he likes you. cause if his just playing around, he won't ask for your boyfriend, cause he wants a trouble.

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