It really bothers me my best friends dating this guy and I want her to get hurt?

My best friend got screwed over by this disgusting guy whos dated every girl before it was a few years back but now theyre starting to date seriously, again, and it really really bothers me. The logical explanation for this would be I don't want her to get hurt but a part of me does as bad as that sounds because I tried warning her the first time he was bad and she said she didn't think I knew what I was talking about and then in the end she admitted I was right. then again now she's dating him for some reason and I said I don't want to hear about it but I don't understand why if she agreed with me she and saw he was a bad guy, why she's dating him more seriously NOW? Do I just want to be right? whenever I hear about her and him and the more serious they get, my stomach churns. Can someone explain why this would be happening to me?


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  • so how did it turn out?

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