Today is my bday and my boyfriend keeps getting annoyed with me?

Ok so for the first part that he got mad at me was because he was tired and I wanted him to play he game with me called Need For Speed. I failed the race and I got off. He kept complaining and bitching that he was soo tired. It was really pissing me off so I just told him to just go to bed if he’s so tired. So he argued with me about that. I told him I wanted a cake for my bday and he said in an annoyed voice that he doesn’t wanna use all his money on birthday cakes and balloons. I was offended by that. I mean, I just asked if he can buy me some cupcakes from the grocery store. They cost like $12 for a dozen cupcakes. I’m not asking him for that much so I don’t understand why he keeps getting so annoyed with me. I told him that if he doesn’t wanna buy it then just don’t do it. Whatever, I don’t care. I can buy my own shit if you’re going to act that way. I always buy him food and spend my money on him and I don’t complain about “not having enough money “. And even if I didn’t, I would still pay for him. I pick him up from his apartment and I never asked him to give me gas money or anything. He’s just really really annoying me how he keeps being so cheap. I was going to take him on a date with me but I’m not sure if I even wanna go with him. I was thinking of just canceling and going with one of my coworkers from work? Is it wrong to feel this way.
Today is my bday and my boyfriend keeps getting annoyed with me?
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