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Does he want to date me, how can I tell him I want a serious relationship?


Okay, so I’m having trouble with my guy friend, I’m 16f and he’s a 17m, and we text occasionally. We’ve been talking since the middle of November. Recently, I’ve been wondering if he may kinda like me. Sometimes he talks about girls, but not a lot. He used to ask me for advice about girls, then stopped. He’s said that I was pretty before, and asked why I was even single. Two weeks ago, he mentioned how we could hang out alone, and go to a movie and trampoline park together. He’s talked about us hanging out a pretty good amount of times now in the past two weeks. He’s even invited me to one of his wrestling matches, but we didn’t get a chance to talk there. I even flirted with him, and he reciprocated it back. I even told him that when we hang out, to make our next hang out a date, and he didn’t deny it, he just said that he’ll be busy with wrestling (wrestling is super busy), so maybe we can hang out in between. But on Thursday, we started flirting over text, and it went a bit far, if you know what I mean, then the next day, he was kinda like distant. Like in the morning, he told me that he was tired, and that we could text later, so I hit him up last night, and he left me on open twice. The first thing I said was “Hey bro”, then I asked him why he left me on read, but I deleted it on Snapchat. When we did hardcore flirting before, he kinda acted like this too. I’m just confused why he acts like this, he’s usually a respectful guy, and doesn’t strike me as a guy that just wants sex. And on Wednesday, he was being really sweet, and saying that he’d never let me down, and called me pretty. He also said that when he saw me at his wrestling match, it helped him calm down, and put a slight smirk on his face. I’m trying to figure out if he truly likes me or not.
Does he want to date me, how can I tell him I want a serious relationship?
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