Dating less wealth guys...?

I noticed a pattern among My friends and That is dating guys That are less wealth and I even found That this guys are nicer than the guys from our social status, and another thing is I guess we all aren't the hottest girl I mean we are nerdy bit chubby, not like most girls of our social class That just care about there bodies and look like Barbie dolls...

So My conclusion is less wealth guys are less picky about physicall flaws

Am I wrong?

Have You notice That?


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  • Let's say you want to redecorate your house.. You go into the local store and you are willing to spend the $5,000 you have to buy new furniture.. Are you gonna buy all the $5,000 or are you gonna pull out a loan for $125,000 and go all out?

    - I'll get to my point in a second...

    Now let's say your the furniture store, and you have a customer walking in with $5,000 cash.. But he (or she) is wanting the whole store inventory which totals $125,000.. You're a legitimate business owner and basically feel like that person is slapping you in the face.. So you come across a little rude, but it's the truth of how you feel. That you deserve what you want to be paid.

    My point:

    - People with wealth, appearance, etc... Feel more "entitlement" to someone who has put in similar work. When I was growing up, I was the person with $5,000 wanting $125,000 of inventory.. Everyone spat in my face. But now that I have achieved similar results to what I wanted back then (education, appearance, working on the wealth :P).. I feel like I too am more "entitled" to what I should be looking for.

    These guys, who you are saying are "care free".. They sound like they know that they are towards the bottom of the chain and may be working their way up. It's good that they didn't follow my irrational vision of the examples above, but you have to understand that if someone "has something of value".. That they are going to push for every penny of it's worth before sharing it with someone else.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • I am not sure if I get it...Could you explain what you wanted to say in a direct way?

    • I'll try to put it in more of a feminine perspective.. Seeing as most women tend to have really great hygene, I'm going to assume you take excellent care of yourself. Whether you do that for a spouse, or to get a spouse, is besides the point. The point is that you want to feel some type of reward for the effort your putting in. That's what I'm describing.. These guys who are "Extremely wealthy," don't just walk down the street and meet a stranger, especially where they feel that reward- (cont)

    • immediately... No. Instead, wealthy guys are used to people being completely fake, kissing their ass, and basically "trying to get close to them".. JUST to get their money. So in sense, he doesn't feel any "reward" from what we would typically expect he's looking for. People who sit on that kind of money are strong leaders.. Leaders tend to want the extroverts. The girls who are always up for going to the club, or for going to a comedy meeting, etc.. Not the typical nice girl that kisses ass.

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  • Naturally they would be less picky about your physical flaws if you're wealthy.

    • Not me or My friends but our parents, do You think guys are in it for the money?

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    • I understand that. I work and my husband is unemployed. I'm fine with it because I make decent income, but its killing him not to be the breadwinner. Traditional gender roles are important to some mens ego

    • Yeah I now, I even read that guys don't like to be around a girl that keeps remember him in a way that he is less... My father had a less wealth family then my mom, but he worked his ass of and our main income is from his work...