If the girl you love (ex) doesn't want you back, will you date a new girl that you don't really like?

The guy loves his ex and tries numerous times to get her back. She makes it very clear that she will never want to date him again and doesn't love him anymore. Is it possible for him to throw himself into a new relationship with all his energy and try to make that work to get over her? He was dating the new girl during all of the attempts to get back with the ex but makes it very clear he's not happy with the new girl. Will a guy just date the new girl for the heck of it?

Really need your help, sick to my stomach over this!


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  • well...dating someone you know you don't like won't help get over your ex. so do that girl and yourself a favour and leave her. you really don't HAVE to be in a relationship all the time. being single doesn't kill...it makes you stronger and helps you understand wht you want in life. so try being single for some time. if you see a girl you like then don't hesitate to date her.

  • If you feel like a guy is doing this to you then you need to get out of that relationship. If someone tries to get back with an ex when they are dating someone else that is just wrong, and both girls deserve better.