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Why am I attracting emotionally unstable men?

Guys have always been connected to me and emotionally damaged... I’m actually a licensed counselor. So I get how something people naturally just flock to me. But it’s been a lot of guys especially since I’ve been starting to date again. One guy I really like we’ve been on a couple dates I went over his house today and we ended up having sex. After we started talking and he got into his abusive childhood which of course I validated his feelings. Then he started saying he use to see things before etc. so I asked about it but he couldn’t really tell me much so that was a red flag. He then mentioned his depression and how his brother murdered his mother then proceeded to show me the last text she ever sent which was to him. (Won’t get into too many details because this is a national case) So It was a lot definitely NOT how he portrayed himself in the other dates. I don't know if it’s because we had sex he got super comfortable with sharing everything. Then he said are we officially dating and I said I’d still like to get to know him more and he got upset.
Why am I attracting emotionally unstable men?
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