If your crush isn't texting you, calling you, or paying attention to you?

why, why, why do you ask if he is still interested.. He obviously isn't. Just let it go and move on.. There are too many questions about this already.


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  • When you are in a relationship and you've put in your time and energy and you've become emotionally invested, facing the idea that it's over isn't always easy. You constantly try and think of other reasons that this person hasn't contacted you so you don't have to face that fear that it's over. Nobody wants to believe that they are just like everyone else out there with a broken heart, they have hope that something about their specific situation is unique and so why bother to read any of the other questions posted about this topic. So you post a question here, hoping that your someone will provide you with an answer that will explain it all and make everything OK. More times than not you only get confirmation of your worst fears. Now you have that confirmation, you have proof outside of your feelings that what you fear actually is true. So posting these types of questions is more a matter of the dichotomy between hope and fear.

    That's my perspective on it any way.


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