Attracted to guys who are not attracted to me?

This will maybe sound like stereotype "women only go for assholes not nice guys" but first hear me out.
I am still a virgin because I have not yet been able to connect with someone on all the right levels.
I have met severel guys which I got along very well, we had similar hobbys and interests and all but I always get a nice guy vibe from them and that does not really attract me so it doesn't work out well. I am a rather traditional woman with traditional values and beliefs and if I had to name what I am attracted to I would say I like dominant men because I would also say I am a submissive person and I think opposites work well together.
And the guys mentioned above were more or less on the softer side. That's not to say that women don't like these men too, it's just a preference and I feel the need to clarify this.
Well anyway I know I am attracting the wrong types of guys for whatever reason.
Like I said I am rather submissive, a little shy and more or less conservative and traditional in beliefs. How can I make myself more attractive to the type of guy I like?
Attracted to guys who are not attracted to me?
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