Was I out of line to tell my girls guy friend I don’t like him?

So this guy has been texting my girl a lot and he works in the same office. So I figured my girls no cheater, but I’d like to meet this dude. In his pic he seems harmless. As soon as I meet the guy, I got weird vibes from him. It’s as if he was trying to one up me in everything I did and talked about. It was subtle enough to where it wasn’t something I could call out yet. Finally he opened the door for my girl and literally closed it on me. Wtf?

I’m a pretty straight forward guy. I asked him why he feels the need to try and one up me in every conversation. He laughs it off and asked me what? I repeated myself and told him he can laugh all he wants, but you and I both know what you’re doing. I told him I don’t like him, his vibe, and his comments about law enforcement. I’m a cop. He made some comment behind his breathe saying “someone has issues.” and I told him that if he wants to tell me I have issues, then he can say to my face like a man and not mumble it under his breathe like a teenage girl.

My girl is naive af to think this guy has no intentions. I said she can hang out with whoever she wants and I trust her, but I don’t like this dude at all. She’s mad at me.

Did I go too far?
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I talked to my girl and she says she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. She got mad at me in private saying I could have worded everything better, but had my back. Just tried to calm everything down. This dude was a fucking clown though.
Was I out of line to tell my girls guy friend I don’t like him?
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