How much is reciprocity important to you?

This does not only pertain to flirting/dating. How long will you withstand maintaining contact, whether Facebook, calls, text, etc... with someone who does not ever do the same for you? Acquaintanceship are also included.


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  • Extremely important. Even if you think you can get past it at first, in the long run, it will be a problem. I tried for two years with a girl that just didn't give back what I was putting into our friendship. I was one of her best friends, maybe even her closest, but she never made any effort. Finally, I just had to give up. When there were other people that were willing to give me their time and energy, and she didn't try at all, what else could I do? It was particularly frustrating that she made more of an effort with someone else, kind of the last straw. I'm still really sad and frustrated about it, but I've come to accept that there's nothing else I can do.


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  • i will get tired of it if it's always me


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