Is it a bad idea for a girl to say “I love you first” after 4 months of dating?

So I’ve been seeing a guy for a little over 4 months. A month ago he had this little talk with me in which he explained that while it hadn’t been that long since we have been seeing each other and it takes him a long time to really trust someone completely, he also admits that he thinks we have developed a strong bond in the little time we have spent together and he has really strong feelings for me. I’m ridiculously awkward and unskilled when it comes to an ability to articulate feelings of affection with words, and I basically froze up, his my face under the covers and told him that I really wanted to respond to that but that im horrible with expressing my feelings, and that I just want him to know that even though I’m too weird to say anything doesn’t mean that I don’t feel a similar way.

lately when we have seen each other I’ve just had this strong urge to tell him I love him. I ordinarily wouldn’t mind just keeping it to myself for a while but I feel like holding it in is interfering with my ability to enjoy our time together in a way. Like it’s distracting as I’ll be thinking it when he’s talking rather than listening and participating in the conversation.
should I just tell him? Or is it better to let him take the lead? I don’t want to scare him or make him feel pressured into reciprocating and I’d rather wait if he were to feel that way. On the other hand it would totally relieve me and put me at ease not to feel like I’m holding it in anymore.
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Is it a bad idea for a girl to say “I love you first” after 4 months of dating?
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