When your relationship is new, and the other person is unfamiliar with dating, what is a girl's expectations?

So to the girls of girls ask guys...

If your not then pretend your 17 and I'm your boyfriend... What are your expectations, hopes for the relationship and What pace would be ideal at this stage of your life...

Any small details like what types of presents you loved to receive at this age... Your thoughts on sex at this age and how a guy like me could of stayed in your hearts forever? X

Any answers would be greatly appreciated and if you hadn't guessed then I'm trying to understand my beloved Amy a bit better x


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  • This question could be answered differently by almost every single girl because a lot of them feel differently about the things they want. I think however what I like is for my guy to say something sweet randomly, but not all the time because then it gets old. Also to hold my hand when we're walking together, slip his arm around me sometime. The cutest presents when there really is no occasion for one is a cute note. But again every girl is different but that's my thoughts.


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