Advice on dating your best friend?

Hello girls ask guys,

I just wanted to know people thoughts, advise and opinions about dating your best friend.

I have been best friends with my boyfriend for over three years. We have a lot in common and talk hours and hours about everything from relationships to football. We hang out been to the clubs together I have met his family and his ex’s vice versa. Last year was a rough year for me I was in a bad relationship and financial hardship. But my best friend was always there for me no matter what the situation may be. I separated from my ex about five months ago and was on the dating seen. My best friend put the moves on and ask me out. I was kinda of shocked but… We have been dating for three weeks now. We have a great relationship talk and talk for hours about everything we do things for each other, he hangs out and goes wherever I wanna go and we have so much in common(he’s gentleman in every way possible). He has liked me in the past but respected me and my decisions and would give me advise he never judges me. We both had ex’s that did us wrong in almost the same situation. After the break up we spent time together as friends and then it happen. We started liking each other ? ? which is really cool have had nothing but fun. Sometimes though I feel like its not real but it is.

Is a relationship with your best friend better than meeting someone from a bar, online, dating … etc?

Any girls have any advice

Guys any advice

Has anyone dated their best friend and what your experience was like?


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  • I'd like to say.. if it works then its probably the best thing ever because you'll never have a relationship that'll seem to be going as well as a relationship like this, you'll be more intimite, you'll be more aware of what the other person is thinking and feeling and thus will be able to feel what/when somethings wrong a lot easier.

    The fact that you guys have known each other for that long and have history, will make talking about anything seem easier and if they already know everything about you, there'll be less surprises when it comes to a persons past and thus less "problems" with regards to unwanted bagage as you'll know exactly what your in for.

    I've dated my best female friend once, it was my best relationship to date by far... the fallout on the other hand was brutal as I didn't just lose my girlfriend.. I lost my best friend at the same time which is a bond I haven't completely regained yet even after 6 years more or less out of fear of having to go through the same thing again.

  • well I'm not dating my best friend yet but we are working on that. I think it would be a good thing because you know how you treat each other and you trust each other with secrets.


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