Why does she call me 7 days a week and ask me if I want to hang out?

My friend jennifer is fairly pretty and slender. Very feminine and charming. I am obese and unattractive, and she calls me every single day and asks me if I want to hang out. Whens she's at work we will chat on msn for 4 hours a day. At first I believed it was because she thought I was a really good person, but now I think it might be because she thinks I'm easy to use or manipulate.

Like last time we hung out, her friend who is a lot more popular and better looking then me called her on the phone, and she talked with her on the phone for one hour well I sat there waiting for her to get off the phone. Another guy was waiting for her to get off the phone as well. He liked her before but after that phone incident he told her to f*** off, and to get out of her life. He said thta says a lot about what kind of person she is.

I feel like she hangs around me not because she likes me or enjoys my company but because she NEEDS someone to be around her all the time. I'm starting to feel used. There is another guy Cheng that we hang out. and she knows that we dont' really like each other. And EVERY day she asks both me and Cheng to hang out with her. Why doesn't she hang out with Cheng 3 days a week and see me 3 days a week? Why does she bring both of us together ever single day?

Is she naive or manipulative? She called Cheng every single day to hang out so he thought she liked him and he pulled moves on her then she played hard to get. Now we both believe taht she hangs out with us every day because she doesn't have any other friends. and he now despises her and looks down on her for being so clingy, manipulative and fake.


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  • You want the cold hard truth? She's using you to enhance her looks. Sounds to me like she has serious self esteem issues and needs to hang out with you because TO HER you are less attractive, therefore making her feel MORE attractive. She doesn't have any friends because she probably feels like it's too much competition. Dump her - seriously. Speaking from experience, the sooner you get away from her, the sooner you can form your own opinion about yourself. And I promise you it will not be "obese and unattractive". Good luck!

  • There are a lot of people who feel they have to have people around them because it makes them look as if they haev so many friends, such a life, like an entourage. I had a friend like this; I don't think she knew how to do anything by herself, she always had someone with her.

    I wouldn't hang around her. She doesn't sound like a nice person. In fact, she sounds deceitful and manipulative. Is that someone you want to be around? I doubt it.