Was this a 'date' with my guy friend?

So my guy friend who I met through work and known for about 4 years, suggested we meet up. I thought nothing of it, as we have met up in the past as mates, for a coffee etc. But this time he seemed to have planned everything and was leading the situation. He showed me around his home town, told me all sorts of interesting and personal facts as we walked around, then he took me to a place to eat. Nothing fancy, but he lead the way. He also picked up the tab!?! He gave me a present and a card as well, nothing flashy but still unusual for him. On the card he refrred to me as 'Tiger' - a nickname he has for me. Was this a date and is he interested in me?


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  • Generally, meetings between friends occur ONLY in the day. If someone asks you out at night, it's safe to assume it's a romantic date. If he's paying AND buying you presents (Even though it's nothing fancy), it was probably a legitimate date.



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