Why didn't she text back again?

So basically I have a female friend (known her for few months now) and we are really good friends, though don't really hang out that much. I asked out if we can hang out (not a date) - like make something to eat, a movie, etc - but I guess my text wasn't very explanatory. She texted me to explained, I call her back but she wasn't able to answer the call. She call, and ask if it 'as in a date' and I said no. Her response was 'I was only making sure'.

We used to text most of the time, I texted her 3 days ago but she hasn't reply yet...so what's up with her? Was she expecting me to say YES and did I break her heart?

Every little help will be much appreciated, thanks.


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  • No because if she was expecting you to say yes, she would have not said she was making sure like, hoping you didn't mean a date. Since she is not really responding much or seeming eager to hang out, she was not that interested. Date or not, if she really wanted to see you, she would not be so quiet. I guess give it more time and if you feel like you are doin more or you are not hearing from her, then it is clear she wasn't that into it.


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  • Girls are very stranger creatures, (I'm only kidding, but they are hard to figure out). You should ask her how she feels and see if she wants to go on a date. I texted this girl a lot and we became good friends and I asked her to the movies and she said yes, than randomly the next day she was sick. And now we never talk, a lot of weird things happen when you text, but you should try to get a hold of her and ask her what's up. Honestly, no man can tell about a woman...

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