Online can I tell if a guy is genuine?

A guys been messaging me for the past couple of days, had joined a couple of before me. Seems like we've been getting on quite well lots of things in common, joky etc.

Anyways, decided to go for it any gave him my number. He knew I was having a skive replying to him so tried to be casual/joky about it and said;

"Afraid I seriously need to get myself back into working mode now, I'm not on here alll the time normally tbh.

Gna be a brave girl and say can pop me a tx later if you're at a loose end .. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

No worries if you don't x"

To which he replied;

"Thanks hun, I'll drop you a tx later

Enjoy work x"

But he hasn't, have been on the site briefly and he's shown as online...

Opinion please


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What Guys Said 1

  • u can't...thats why its called "Online" dating...u know...cuz its On-the-line XD


What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like he is keeping his options open. You should do the same. Don't completely write him off but don't close yourself to other men either. As a female on the online dating scene you do have more options as there are more men who join these then women so send out some messages to men you are interested in too.

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