What do you think I should do?

There's this girl that I like. We've known each other for years through a mutual friend. We've been volunteering together at our local library for the past four years and we're on the same robotics team. We're really good friends and she seems to enjoy spending time with me. I wasn't planning on telling her that I like her as more than a friend, but lately she's been asking me all kinds of questions about dating.

She's asked me if I date anyone. (I don't). She talked about how one of her friends asked her out and her dad freaked out about it. "My dad doesn't want me dating till I'm 18." she said. She says her parents like me, by the way. I've introduced myself to them and always say hello when I see them.

The other day, she asked me "So. There's this rumor going around and I wanted to hear it from you. Are you and ____ dating?" Me: "No. We're just friends."

I make it a priority to tell her at least one corny joke every time I see her. One time when I didn't hug her goodbye of tell her a joke, she brought it up the next time she saw me. "Hey I didn't get a hug or a joke last time." Me: hugs her. "I thought you didn't like my corny jokes." Her: "Maybe. But maybe I secretly love them." She said that in a kinda sing song voice. I think she actually likes them. She makes the cutest faces at my jokes. She doesn't laugh, but smiles. When we hug, we used to do the normal one arm over one under thing, but now she hugs around my neck and I hug her torso/waist.

Do you think she actually likes the jokes?
Should I just wait to ask her out? I was planning on making sure it's ok with her parents first and maybe waiting till we're both 17. (Our birthdays are 5 days apart, same year but she's in 11th. I didn't fail just kept home a little longer.)
Does she like me as more than a friend, but isn't really sure? She complements me quite a but and vice versa.

Please help and thanks for reading. Sorry it was so long.
What do you think I should do?
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