Dating vs Hanging Out?

I met this wonderful girl last week. We had drinks for a few hours and got to know each other. I really think things went well. At the end of the night she gave me a hug and said we should hang out again. I'm just wondering if this is all just friendly? I have nothing against it if it is. I actually got introduced to her from a girl I went out on 2 dates with (they are both friends). I really liked her, but she told me she wasn't feeling it between us. Somehow I managed to stay friends with her. She told me she put in a good word for me. Could this be another friends outing?

Well I've been just taking it easy, because too much too soon freaks people out. I barely text. So tomorrow we are having lunch. She kind of asked in a roundabout way after I teasingly bragged about going out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants. She replied that we should both go there sometime. I said I could go again. She: this weekend? Me: Yes, you wanna go with me? Her: hahaha yeah silly.

So my question is, do you think these are dates or just hanging out? Is there a difference? I don't know if I should be on my game, anticipating the next move or just chill.
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Thanks everyone. I have the answer to this. It didn't work for me, she said I didn't trust her and we haven't seen each other in weeks. We were going to try to be friends but I think that may be just awkward now since she has her mind up that I'm some jealous time bomb.
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To answer: yes they were dates. That may of been the downfall. I should of never paid for her meals, or anything really. She said I didn't own her when I assumed their was a relationship blossoming.

Answer for others if you want.
Dating vs Hanging Out?
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