Did we just go on a date?

I (30M) recently went out with a good friend (28F) I used to work with. We got to be pretty close at work, and after she left we still talk/text regularly, oftentimes for hours. We’ve never hung out alone until the other day, and prior to it I asked if she wanted to go out with a group of mutual friends. She wasn’t interested in that, but when I suggested just the two of us meet to catch up, she instantly said yes. I’ve been interested in her for a while now, and kind of think it may be mutual but I still don’t know. During our dinner, she mentioned that even though we’ve only known each other for 2 years, we got close quick. I kind of wanted to test the waters a little, so I said, “look, I just want to clear the air and just get this out of the way...” and she looked a little nervous and I referred to a huge zit coming through on my head and said “this thing is horrible, I can’t help it.” She got bright red and laughed and said “You suck, I hate you” jokingly. I’m kind of thinking she was hoping I’d tell her how I felt. Anyway, we were at the restaurant for over 4 hours, and when we left she immediately texted me and thanked me. I suggested we do it again, and she said absolutely. We even texted later that night, and talked about how much fun we had. She even said she ran into a mutual friend at the store who asked what she was doing in town (she lives 40 minutes away) and she said we had dinner, and that we were close. I’m head over heels for this girl, and this felt like a date. My question is am I just reading more into it and this was just two close friends catching up, or was this actually a date?
Did we just go on a date?
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