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Are these red flags?

I am a sucker for romance and nice words, which led me to two abusive relationships already. I have my doubts now and would like to hear your opinion. I started chatting on a dating app with a guy about a week ago and exchanged numbers to continue chatting outside the app. The next day he called me and had a nice conversation and decided to meet on Saturday. During the conversation he told me about his family and that his last ex cheated on him. When we met it turned out that his friend had a birthday, but he got away to meet with me for a little time. During our date we went for a walk, he instantly put his arm around me and said that he never did this on first dates and it's because we connected so good during our phone conversations. He also told me about a few of his exes and that they didn't work out, because of the girl had odd things. During this week I was a but busy till the middle, but agreed we would meet on Wednesday. Then it turned out he is really drowning in work and he will probably need to work even during the weekend. And lastly, he started calling me babe the day after our date. What do you think?
Are these red flags?
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