Do you think he likes me or playing w me?

This guy I have been talking to for 2monthe now and we never met in person Cus we live 1hr away and he doesn’t have his own car and it’s hard to get there without a car Anyways I asked him what are we yesterday and this was his response “I don’t really know. I feel like we are kinda a thing but I still want to see you in person before we say we are dating” and I don't know why is that so important but anyways today is valentine day and he didn’t hang out w me and ignored me Cus he was his friends for 3hrs then he apologized and said he is w his friends so he couldn’t answer and said he wish we hang today but I’m sure if wanted it badly then he would find a way to get to me. He didn’t even ask me if I wanna hang w him. So I don’t really know what to think
Do you think he likes me or playing w me?
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