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Ladies w/ GAD - how would you like a person to pursue or date you?

For ladies w/ severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder (to the point where you're in disability programs for it), what is it that makes you feel comfortable enough to want to date someone, presuming the GAD could be a possible hurdle to you saying "yes" to dating that person?

Are there certain progressions that could make you "warm up" to a guy? Or if it's not an instant, specific emotional/mental state w/ that person, it'll never get to the point where you'd be unable to overcome your anxiety to date that person?

Could you be completely comfortable around a person in a non-dating manner - as a friend, colleague, acquaintance, etc, but then the idea of dating brings you anxiety? Would you still date a guy if the idea still gave you anxiety or anxiety attacks? Does that state/phase have to be completely absent first?

Besides being supportive, understanding, etc, is there anything a person can do to help ease your anxiety over dating them, or even just getting closer?

I suppose any other related questions apply. Also, please correct me for any misunderstandings I may have about GAD! Thanks!
Ladies w/ GAD - how would you like a person to pursue or date you?
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