How difficult it is to find a man like this?

I am a successful young woman who takes good care of herself and of others. I invest time and effort into being the best human being I can and the woman I aspire to be. I chose to remain virgin and wait for that special one. But recently I am doubting that maybe men at my age are either already in a relationship or still didn't make it yet. Or they still trying to figure out life and themselves.
I am just looking for someone at least similar to me that has depth, values, successful and kind. Most importantly someone who values his heart and mine like I would value his and mine equally. I am all for love and I don't know if my requirements are the reason for me not being able to find love so far. Because it is not my looks, intelligence or character. And I do get approached a lot all the time! hence why I feel this guilt as if I am at wrong for wanting a man like this. And I feel as if there's something wrong with me inside. Because outside I'm just loved by everyone and funny and confident.
Is it that difficult to find a man who is good and genuine but also as successful as I am? is this unrealist?

Don't misunderstand me please, I am not looking for a sugar daddy or a sponsor nor I am a gold digger. I have good education, a nice house, a nice car, travel the world, take good care of myself and family, and I do a lot of charity to help homless people and children everywhere. So don't make this about money please. I just want him to be similar to me mentally as I find intelligence and mind stimulating conversations very attractive.
How difficult it is to find a man like this?
How difficult it is to find a man like this?
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