How can you tell if a man's interested in you or not? (long)?

So my friend works with this guy. He asked her if she had any single friends she said yes (Me) and showed him my Facebook profile picture and obviously name. He supposly said I was "Pretty" he asked her if I was going to thier work bowling thing (I don't work there btw) she said yes. So bowling and drinks night came and he showed up and was quiet, barely talked to me only few words. Apprently he said his shoulder hurt and he was tired. So we added each other on FB. And I had to message him first. He said reason he didn't really speak to me was because reasons above but also he shy and quiet at first. Anyway we talked for a weekish and he asked me to dinner. We went to dinner Tuesday and it was good we talked and he took a picture of me and sent it to my best friend (One who set us up) but I can't read him. I couldn't tell if he was interested or not. No real flirting or obviously signs. At end of date he hugged me. He told my best friend the next day the date went well (umm what?)

So today I was out to lunch with my best friend and she sent a picture of me with a huge alcoholic drink to him and he said "Wow that's a big glass" I was expecting him to complicate me or say something nice...

I just can't read him!!!

He told me friend my voice is cute!
Originally told my friend he didn't want anything serious right now but after talking to me he could see something possible happening!

But he tells my friend not me...
How can you tell if a man's interested in you or not? (long)?
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