Are my standards unrealistic?

Before I start, please spare me the opinions about sexual market value, hitting the wall, women my age being hags, etc. I already know there are men who think that about me. I’m just looking to work with what I do have and I want to make sure I’m doing it right so please, keep it nice okay?

A friend of mine and I were having a discussion about this. We are both single in our thirties for different reasons, mine is because I got out of the military 8 years ago and had to deal with service connected issues before getting involved with anyone else. What’s funny is my friend thinks my standards are too low, then I read crap online from men on this site and on reddit implying that a woman my age shouldn’t have any standards at all. I’m finally to a point where I want to get back out there. My standards in my opinion are reasonable but I’m curious to hear what men think.

They are:
30s to early 40s age range
Employed (I don’t care if he’s a burger flipper as long as he treats me well)
Preferably no kids
Good moral character with no criminal history
Makes me laugh

She thinks I should only go for guys who make a lot of money, look like Ryan Gosslin (who I don’t even think is that good looking tbh), drives a nice car, Yankees fan (even though I hate the Yankees), only likes the same music as me, etc. I think my friend is being ridiculous but what do I know 🤷🏼‍♀️
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For the record, my standards are the same as they always have been pretty much, even when I was in my twenties.
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Okay everyone, I said PREFERABLY he doesn’t have kids. I’ll still date him if he does but I would prefer him not having kids. Everyone please stop assuming that I’m not open to dating single dads. That’s not what I said.
Are my standards unrealistic?
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