Should I try dating her? She is an year elder to me.

I have this friend, I know her through my ex. When I broke up on the ex, this common friend held onto me, and I to her. For two years, it was just thick friendship. In the third year, the relationship went to a whole new level. 'Love you' is a common greeting and random phrase between us, and so are hugs and kisses and we talk to each other for at least 6 hrs a day, and the texting the rest of the time. But here's the complication. She has a boyfriend. A guys she's been dating 2 years before she met me. Many times, she takes my calls over his. She doesn't meet him, but waits late nights and early mornings for us to meet. At times when I don't reply to her calls/texts, she gets super paranoid, ultra angry but it ends in "i love you". What is this? I feel it. Can she?


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  • did ya ever date?

    • Date in general? Yes. Date her? Not exactly :/

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