Is there somebody or event in your life that changed the way that you see dating completely different?

There was this girl who I was crazy about, trust me I used to be the nicest guy around and what not but to be honest she played with me pretty horribly, I was very shy back in the day so what I did was completely out of the ordinary, I approached her and I tried to flirt with her and she liked it, she was very good flirting and that kept going for two weeks or so, I unfortunatelly got too attached too fast. Next thing I know I said hi to her she gives me the cold shoulder, and then huggs and kisses this guy in my face in public everybody, then she leaves with him, everybody saw that and I was so humilliated and heart broken.

I was never the same ever again.


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  • A guy who was about 21 when I was 16 really messed with me. I was young and new to dating, assumed that guys didn't lie and say there were interested when they really weren't, etc etc. He toyed with me for a long time and I was head over heels. It opened my eyes to the fact that dating isn't like a Disney movie (at least not with the wrong person). Taught me to question more, protect myself more, and act in ways that would cause me to come out ahead until I knew a guy well enough to be sure of his intentions. I still can't believe a guy that age would do the sort of things to a high school girl that he did, but it definitely taught me a lot. I've have a very successful dating life since him so I'm grateful. Just had to learn the rules.

    • did you learn the rules by experience? or did you read "the rules"

    • You mean the book? No I didn't. Although I did read another book around that time when I was trying to figure out what I did wrong. I mostly learned through experience though. The combination of the two has proven to be helpful.

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