Not a word. Not even a text...?

OK, so I've been hanging out with my ex for over a year now after dating for a year and then hardly speaking to each other for another year. Well made plans with me last Sunday to hang out, well I asked him and he said yes to hang out on Monday. so I called him on Monday as usual and no answer, so I texted him about an hour later and still nothing, I decided to call him a few hours later again and still nothing. He works night and sleeps during the day so at first I thought he was just sleeping through my phone calls. But I still haven't heard from him and aren't sure if I should see if he wants to hang out tomorrow. What gives?

Just for reference, we usually hang out on Monday every week unless one of us is busy, and me calling him to wake him up isn't out of the ordinary, he asks me to do it.


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  • dod ya still talk?