Should I withdrawal a little from him?

I'm dating a guy online. We've formed an incredible bond in only a few months, talking hours each day, online.

We are planning to meet in another couple of months.

He recently relocated, to a temporary situation that is stressful for him. Since doing so, he's been a little distant, but not too much.

Meanwhile, I was feeling closer than ever, and demonstrating that.

While he still tells me that he loves me, he's not being quite as "romantic" as before.

This all correlates with my own life going down-hill lately.

He's one of these guys that likes to feel wanted and needed...he seems to defy the "hard to get" thing that so many guys want in a girl.

However, after really putting myself out there lately, only for him to be a little distant (and he told me recently that he has been distant, but will change that soon...and then he told me that he shouldn't have told me this at all), I'm at a loss as to how to proceed.

Keep showing affection, or withdrawal myself. Each time I've tried to use "psychology" in the past with him, it ends up just hurting me.

People with experience, help me out!


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  • well you never met him in real life? do you know what he looks like?

    • We've seen videos of each other, seen tons of pics, friends with fam on facebook, spoken on the phone, etc.

    • ah okay... but still for him to say that he loved you may have been a little bit too much, which you can understand, this is really tricky, there must be something happening to him in RL that has changed his feelings for you somehow it really could be anything, I don't know him so I can't say, but from him to change his feelings like that... honestly I don't have an answer, best advice I can give is to not become too attached you know, since this guy keeps changing his mind and is unstable

  • Talking at someone online is super different than talking to them in person.

    • That may be, but you didn't really answer my question. Thanks for bring even more "unclarity" to the already unclear situation.

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