What does it mean for her to kiss me on the lips sometimes and sometimes kiss me on the cheek?

Here are the questions:

What does it mean for her to kiss me on the lips sometimes and sometimes kiss me on the cheek?

What does it mean that she always want to hang out and cuddle, yet she is always on her phone texting, yet she will still be cuddling with me?

Why does she say she misses me yet she says she is young 21 and just got out of a engagement and is not ready for something serious and says we are not exclusive?

My mistake is I do too much for her and maybe she know probably expects it. I have no problem pulling back nor seeing other women myself.

Girls can you make something out of this?


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  • Could be many reasons. sounds to me as if she likes you but hasn't made up her mind whether she wants to be with you... doesn't sound like she likes you enough though if I'm honest. Girls like being with guys who they know are attracted to them, especially after a break up, to in a way reassure themselves that there are other people out there who find them atractive because being dumped is a massive knock to anyones ego. She could be using you as well in some way for company or an ego boost or something. But the fact that she won't be with you a serious issue, id doubt her motives if I was you

    Im in no way doubting that she doesn't like you because I'm pretty sure she does (friendly or otherwise) especially if she's kissing you and all, how does it feel when your with her? romantic or friendly?

    if I was you, id take a step back and see what happens (cuz believe me she will notice!), if she doesn't bother making an effort you know where you stand, if she does contact you then maybe you can look into it deeper :)

    hope all this made sense

    ps STOP DOING STUFF FOR HER. You'll only get taken advantage of...

    • well here's the thing she was not dumped. She was engaged and moved to mexico with the family and he basically didn't care or try, so that basically ended it. That was last year. I have made it clear that I think she is attractive. She just moved back from mexico in early jan of this year and we started going out in early feb.

      Here's the thing. Most of the time she will text me to say goodmorning :) using the smiley face. She will ask me to hang out more than I ask her

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