I’m confused if I should tell my parents about this guy?

Last time i told them i was planning on being with someone online they were okay with it although my mom was upset at first but even though he had a daughter and was an atheist they eventually accepted him and he was the first guy i allowed to meet my parents and then we recently broke up on valentine’s day (feb 14) and it turned out that he was a jerk and left me for his ex. I felt disappointed and i immediately told them that i was going to try to do online dating again and they got really mad at me and said that they wouldn’t allow it even though i am 18 they told me this even though i told them that i wanted to try again because i felt like my last and only relationship was not fair to me and i believed that i deserved better which i did but they still didn’t want me to do bumble. But I did, i’ve been talking to this guy on their for like almost two weeks and we met today for the first time and he seems to be a good guy. We are not dating yet but he seems very sweet and he is willing to meet my parents and wants me to meet his one day. He is also Christian and my parents might like him because of that but i’m still scared about telling them since they didn’t want me to try to date again so soon and online. Me and this guy both go to the same college and he is 22 he said that he is excited about meeting my parents and potentially dating me but i told him that that sounds cool and that i would like to get to know him more and meet him more at college because im still not sure if im ready to tell them or bring another guy to my house to meet my parents and I don’t know how long i should wait.
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The reason why he has to meet my parents is because my parents don’t let me go out with people until they meet them
I’m confused if I should tell my parents about this guy?
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