Should I call him out on it?

Just so you know, my basic instinct is to just move on and forget him, but I figured I'd try you guys.

So there is this guy that we traded numbers through a mutual friend but never met in person. At first we have a lot in common and we texted like crazy. This was about 2 weeks. Then we started discussing meeting in person but something always seems to get in the way of that.Another two weeks. So recently, or about a month of texting, we rarely text anymore and I don't know if it is just us both being busy or him pulling away or what.

So what do ya'll think?


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  • Not sure what you mean by "call him out." He's got your number, if he wants to ask you out he will. You could ask him out as well. He hasn't done anything for you to call out.

  • Usually if I barely know the girl and I get her number and start texting I will try to meet up as soon as possible. Texting is fun but I feel it is no where near as genuine as calling or seeing her face to face. If invite her out and she keeps saying she is busy or cancelling at the last minute I will assume she is not interested enough, usually two week max, then I start to lose interest and move to the next one.


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