How many people go a lifetime without even flirting or dating?

how many people go life time without even flirting or dating?

like what % of the population


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  • flirting: 0%, since flirting is built into us as a primal urge (like eating, breathing etc.) however it can be unconscious since some cultures prohibit sh*t like that *insert insulting and grossly ignorant sentence about muslims here*.

    Dating: approx. 10-15%, higher if you consider kids who die b4 reaching puberty (which I don't)

    • but kids rarly die between age 2 to suicide ahe about 14

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    • Doesn't belly dancing come from the middle east? Sounds like an awesome culture to me ;)

    • speaking of a portion of people without living among them is a big sign of ignorance!

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  • flirting I haven't gone a life-time without, dating yes