It's hard to just talk to him let alone hang out. This guy is confusing the crap out if me! Please help.

I was good friends with this guy then he started talking about how he could see himself falling for me in the future and then I admitted I really liked him. We made out but I didn't let it go any further because we aren't really 'dating'. Before he would call me every other day so we could hangout. Now I'm not as busy (lost my job) and he now has a second job and it's hard to just talk to him let alone hang out.

I'm curious on what I should do. Just wait around or try harder to get a hold of him. I don't want to seem clingy because I'm not. I just want to be able to see him and mess around sometimes.

SO guys and girls of GAG...What should I do?


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  • while your confused on your status with this guy, make yourself busy in looking for a new job..we became anxious on some things if we have no mindset on some objectives regarding work, family and love life..we should learn to balance this..since he has 2 jobs try to understand and value the time he can share with you on his free time..just message him from time to time to check on him and see if he is busy or when he is free then make time to see him since right at the moment your looking for a new job when he gets free time ask him to hangout with you or have a simple date just to set your goals straight


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