He pulls away after a great night together?

This is gonna be a long one btw✌🏼

I met this guy, he asked me my intentions on the app so i told him that im looking for sth casual, and he said the same thing too, but he said he doesn't mind having something more with someone special which is pretty cool. But we both agreed that we’re looking for friends with benefits eventually. But somehow his actions (at least through text) doesn't really show as if he only wanted something casual. He planned a lot of things ahead which is kinda sweet to me cos in my opinion usually friends with benefits dont do that? He complimented me a lot and asked how my day goes etc etc.

Then we met, it was nice, we went out to have dinner then went to my place afterwards cos i thought he wanted sth casual and he told me he wanted to watch some stuff in my place so yeah. But we ended up not watching but talking the whole time. Long story short we hooked up, but what i found weird is that he didn't bring a condom😂 so i was thinking maybe he’s not expecting this and all.

After that he stayed for a bit and we talked a lot blablabla, but somehow i told him about my ex, maybe too much of it lol I don't know. We both talked a bit of our past relationships at some point.

Then he left my place around a hour later. I took him downstairs, cos i kinda like this guy, i stupidly said: i’ll see you again, maybe? Then he said yeah sure i’ll see you soon. So then i proceeded to the elevator to go back up but he looked over towards my direction again and waved at me, I don't know for some reason i thought that’s sweet😂

Then he texted me a few mins after that he’s reached home and then we talked for a bit and then he went to sleep. But I don't know the morning after he just seemed kinda distant for some reason. Does he lose his interest on me? I dont know what to do...
He pulls away after a great night together?
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