Our third date and no kiss, is she frustrated too?

I'm extremely frustrated (though I don't show it to her lol) that we haven't even kissed yet, and it's been three dates. She can be shy, she doesn't give me signals to go ahead and kiss her. Whenever we're alone and closer to each other, she doesn't look me in the eyes. That's the only signal I really look for anyway, if we're inches away from each other and we're looking in each others eyes, I go for it.

When we're on the sofa together snuggling up she never looks at me, just straight at the movie if we're watching a movie or straight ahead if we're just talking. Her hands get either really cold or sweaty. She crosses her arms, she constantly has to take a sip of her drink because I'm guessing her mouth is dry because she's nervous. How am I supposed to kiss her when she acts so rigid and doesn't look at me?

I'm fine with waiting, I just hope that she isn't as frustrated as I am. I know girls want to be kissed, I'd just rather her at least look at me before I kiss her. I worry that she'll think I'm a p**** for not trying to kiss her, but I really try and she gets nervous. Does she realize she's making it hard for me?

Next time we're cuddling I swear I'm just gonna move her hair behind her ear and start kissing her neck, because I really want to kiss her and she won't look at me out of nervousness I'm guessing.


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  • I'm sure she is as frustrated as you are. Even if it may seem that she doesn't want to kiss you doesn't mean that's how she feels. Shyness can definitely put a halt on things but good way to break that is to just go for it. What's the worse that can happen? It's probably already awkward as it is so just do something that she thinks will be cute. For example, Lean into her when you guys are sitting on the couch, she will barely see it coming and it will all just flow after the initial kiss. You can even go for the 'eyelash on your face" move, it never really fails. Good Luck!


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  • Kiss her or someone else will.

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