How true is the Ladder Theory?

here's the link :


Basically, it says that men put women on a ladder. At the bottom of the ladder are the ones they would have sex with while drunk and not admit to it. Then come the ones they'd have sex with while drunk and admit to it, then the girls they wouldn't mind f***ing, and lastly the ones they would actively like to get in bed with.

The theory says that no matter who you are, if you,re a girl and you're friend with a guy, he wants to have sex with you on some level. The only reason he doesn't make a pass at you is because a) he's already got a chick that's higher than you on the ladder, or b) you're wolf ugly.

Therefore, real friendship between a man and a woman would be impossible, according to the theory.

Check the link for more detailed info and even charts and graphs haha.

So guys, how true is that? :|


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  • " is part of the"

    Surely the host may have something to do with this "theory" seriousness.

    I do have female friends that I care about and I wouldn't have sex with them. And no, they're not ugly at all.

    • So far, one of three guys isn't ruled by his d***.

      Kudos to you, my friend :)

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  • Yup, 100% right

    • So you base all your decision making in the love department upon appearances?

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    • Well for girlfriend material, I would go with a girl that I find attractive and has a good personality. A girl who is unintelligent and boring won't last long and isn't girlfriend material. However, if she is gorgeous than I would have sex with her, if it was like a one night stand or a f*** buddy. I would never start a relationship with a girl I didn't enjoy being with and talking too.

    • All right, thank you :)

  • Even guys you don't know want to f*** you, so of course the guys you do know also want to f*** you.

    • So there's no such thing as liking a girl's personnality, for you?

      Or being disgusted by someone's personnality so much that you wouldn't want to f*** her even though she's hot?

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    • Uh it isn't a bad thing and I never said that, anywhere. Guys want to f*** women (or guys if they're gay) that's just the way it goes.

      I was just asking a question.

    • What I think is bad is wanting to f*** ANY woman for no other reason than her position on the ladder.

      But since there's no sexual attraction for you if you don't like her personnality, it isn't the case.


  • It's a pretty good approximation. The only other major category of girl most guys wouldn't do would be someone who's gotten with one of their friends before.

    But it's not really THAT interesting a theory, when you think about it (this part at least). It's basically saying, if a guy is single and a girl is attractive, the guy will want to bone the girl. No sh*t!


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  • I wouldn't know, but that looks pretty accurate to me :) Honestly guys, you don't see us dong diagrams about you do ya? XD nah, joke :)

  • It's being said that men are biologically created to spread their seed, thus it's up to them to just stick it anywhere where it's up to us girls to pick and choose who, why, when and where.

    • It's related to the amount of parental care needed for each sex. For a woman, it's bigger (9 months gestation, breastfeeding, etc) while for a male, sometimes the only "parental effort" they need to do is an ejaculation. (Now I'm not saying devoted fathers don't exist, but they make a choice in staying while women are stuck with the kid)

      As a woman, the consequences of having sex is significantly greater, that's why, in an evolutionnist perspective, we wound up being pickier than men.

    • But excuse the consequences, lets say there was a positive birth control pill without side affects, or a means to prevent diseases. Would you have sex with different guys just because you could?

    • Evolution doesn't work that way. The difference would show in several years, maybe hundreds. Nothing we'd witness in our life span.

      That being said, birth control HAS made a small difference over time, in that women are becoming less picky, and sleep around more.

      So I guess the answer to your question is yes, and it's showing in society.

      BTW the "parental care and consequences" bit isn't something we consciously think of when choosing guys. It's subconscious.

  • Fascinating. Woe to those at the bottom of the ladder.

  • Thanks for posting this. This makes it clear about how my guy friend relationship really is.

    • Yeh, tis what I told myself when checking out the site but... at the same time I can't believe that ALL GUYS are as basic as that :|

      It's kinda depressing haha

      The section about women is even more depressing

    • They are and I always knew it but as a female you don't want to believe it

    • yeah well don't believe that all guys are that bad... I may be a bit younger but I know what goes on, and that's not the ways it works, there is no system

      just the fact that guys rate girls according to their looks and then decide on whether they want to have sex with them or not, but this isn't true for every guy, I don't wanna have sex with every girl I see, I have a girlfriend... and dignity I simply don't think about that stuff, though some...not actually that many do