Why did he suddenly stop texting?

I've been texting with a guy for about two weeks and a half. We've been on a date and he gave all the signs he was interested, he even told me why he liked me. He talked about the second date, too, but he never asked me. (I asked for the first one). I don't want things to get weird by going too too slow. He used to text me back after 20-30 minutes, but now he's taking hours and even days. He hasn't even returned my last text from yesterday where I answered one of his questions. So why did he suddenly stop?


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  • I think he might have stop texting you because he might his cell phone bill became too expensive. Just kidding! If your description of this guy is correct, then he has stopped texting you not because of something you've done, but because of something else. Maybe he actually wants to see more of you and physically talk to you instead of just texting you. Maybe he wants to hear your beautiful voice. Also, since he asked you out on the first date, why don't you try calling him on the phone and ask him out for the second date. Another reason why he might have stopped texting you might be because he's been busy with other things like school or work. Just give him a physical call or shoot him an email. I hope my advice can help you in someway and I wish you the best of luck with your situation!

    • Lol, thanks! But I'm the one who asked for the first date :P I'm waiting for him to ask me for the second one. He asked me via text over the weekend if I would ever talk to him on the phone and I said yes, and I gave him my home phone number. I don't have his so he's the only one who can call me. He said we would have a chance to talk on the phone when we about it after but ever since he's taking a lot of time to text back..although he seems to always respond, so I'm confused.. :P

  • Well if that's the case then I don't know what you could do about that. I guess all you could do is keep texting him and wait for him to reply or you could just go on with your life until he realizes that he should contact you. I hope my advice can help you somehow and I wish you the best of luck with your situation :)


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