Ladies, what is the difference between dating material and marriage material?

So ever since I got started in the "dating world" I've been told I would make the perfect husband, or "whoever ends up snagging you for a husband will be one very happy woman" and other similar phrases along those lines for several years. So my question for you ladies is:

What makes a guy such a good "husband" yet disqualifies him from being a good boyfriend?

As much as I enjoy getting these compliments, I do need to be in a relationship with a girl for at least a wee bit (couple of years) before I will consider proposing. So do I have to wait for women to want to start settling down before my fortunes are reversed?


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  • some guys just give off a vibe. you can tell they are not just looking for a good time. if they are nice and seem to have their life together, I would think "husband material!" just like guys see girls they could have a fun time dating for a while and the women that could be wife material. I mean I never say that about someone I've just met. for me atleast, you're boyfriend material first, then if things get serious I think about if you are husband material. its just degrees of serious-ness I guess...hope this helps haha


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  • I see the people that I would marry as a subset of the people I would date---not separate from them.

    Obviously I'm a lot more open-minded about the people I would date than those that I would marry---I see dating as having fun, but also getting to know people and seeing if they're someone I'd be interested in a long-term relationship with.

    I think that if a girl tells a guy he would make a good husband but isn't interested in dating him, it usually means either:

    1. She isn't looking for a long-term relationship at the time, she just wants to have fun and see different people without getting serious.

    2. She's letting you down nicely. I mean, she could seriously think you have a lot of great qualities, but it's one of those "not for me" things. Most likely she isn't attracted to you physically or doesn't feel chemistry with you, but could see another girl really liking you.

  • When it comes to dating you're looking for someone to have fun with.

    When it comes to finding a potential husband, you see the way he thinks , he acts and you evaluate him as a would-be partner, the way he treats his family, the way he is with kids. All these are important factors that you don't look for in someone at first, at least I don't. When I'm dating all I think about it's about getting to know them and having fun. If he is what I'm looking for in those areas then I will see about the other factors.

    But I guess it all depends on what you want at that moment in your life, right now I'm 20 , I'm not thinking about getting married and having kids at all. I want to, of course , some day. Not yet.

  • I guess a husband would be more committed than a boyfriend. And obviously more mature. Sometimes boyfriends are still really immature and all they think about is sex.


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