Why do people relationship hop?

We've all had the rebound. Right? Heartbreak and F*** the pain away. Lol. They lie or "omit info" etc. Then it continues. Id just heard a friend of mine was going through this. What i find crazy tho is he isn't even mad at her? He hurt for awhile but he pulled himself out. I heard some of it and she was just being a heartless bitch. Im know he's not innocent lol but dude didn't deserve that. At Least not so harsh. He's worked his nuts off basically. Even when we'd all chill hed wanna go out and do whatever hangout. Get out whatever. Shed shoot him down and with no words just leave. I know how it sounds and i just wanna figure out why people do shit like this so i can avoid... whatever craziness that was last year hahaha. -concerned homie-
Why do people relationship hop?
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