Why is he not returning my phone calls?

I have a male friend that I have seen through out the years...We reconnected again on past 2 months he would text with fun greetings and he will do it every other day, early evening he will text me wanting to know "what I am doing or about to do" he even text apologizing for no returning my text messages.

One day he text me saying "I never in my life I never had someone understand me like you do! I don't know what I mean maybe you do? then he said "we should meet very soon to talked about it" which, I let him know that I was agreeing to set up meeting to talk about face to face"

However, he did not call me or set up a date to talk about, I was the one calling or sending a text with a day and time to talk about it. I have not receive a responded yet!

What should I do?


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  • It's one thing to be brave when you can hide behind texting, but finally meeting someone face to face can be a bit scary. Once he is faced with the reality that it actually could happen he might suddenly realize what it is he's asking. It might be a good idea to text him and just let him know that if he's not ready to meet yet, then it's OK and to just let you know a time and a place.


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