Need to improve slightly in first interaction with incredibly attractive women. Any suggestions?

I am a great dater. Put me on a date with a hot girl and I am good to go. However, it is harder for me to be carefree and funny when I first meet a person that is really attractive. I think it would be easier if there were more hot girls everywhere, but I rarely get to interact with these women, so it feels like a bigger deal when I do get to meet one. Once I get to the date, I am good though. Anyone have any mental tips or suggestions to help me. Thanks. Also, I wish I could be more interested in the more abundant supply of cute girls that like me, but I am not. Any advice on this would be helpful too.


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  • Hot girls are just regular girls when it comes down to it. Be polite and flirty, but not perverted. You should be fine (:


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