If you were walking with a girl you just started dating, she put her hands in your sweater woulds you freak out?

We were walking to his place, and my hands were cold and without thinking I put them on the outside of his sweater away from his body so he would not feel like I was groping him I did not even touch him, and he got really tense and asked me sarcastically if I was cold and I asked him if it bothered him, while I took my hands out right away and he walked ahead really quick- but he would not tell me what was wrong.

then later we were kissing and he had no problem with my hands being on him... I do not understand why that bothered him so much he had already had his hands completely under my shirt.. and we were intimate not an hour later.. why the switch?


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  • You startled him the first time. Next time, give warning: "My hands are cold."

    • nice simple answer:)

      heh..I surprised myself. id have warned him if I realized id do that. I used to do that with my older brothers winter coat when we were little, it must have just been a reflex- I'm not usually one to touch randomly. I don't touch much at all.

      =) oh well... he kissed me a warning the first time deep kiss with and o warning at all and id already said good night and turned to go.. I didn't get mad- I assumed he got nervous and acted quickly... so were even: except he got mad. ^^

    • Awww, that's so cute!

    • lol typo. I meant he kissed me WITHOUT a warning- speaking of warnings ^^the first timer he kissed me and I was totally shocked since id already SAID good night and turned to leave.

      so I was saying to you I guess we are even -except THAT WHEN MY HANDS WERE COLD and I put them in his sweater HE GOT MAD whereas WHEN HE KISSED Me, I DIDNT GEWT MAD.. SO OTHER THAN GRACE -WERE EVEN:)

      sorry for caps lock- tempermental computer:)

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  • That sounds odd. Do you mean you put your hand in his sweater pocket? You should have been able to feel up his skin under his sweater, cold hands or not.

    Perhaps he was joking when he walked ahead. ... but if he wasnt... I'd look for a new boyfriend if I were you. Too odd for my tastes.

    • you mean it would not have been inappropriate if I had?

      anyways no. I put my hands on the bottom f the inside. like the rim of the sweater, it was kind of big so I could roll my hand into it without touching him.. but yea he got weird. I do not think he was kidding because he was tense. and anyways there's nothing funny about it. I mean when he said are you cold or something it could've been clever except I was cold. and its not a big deal. but then he was irritable... and wouldn't tell me why.

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    • but I don't really like feeling like a pervert cause my hands were cold .. especially when his hands have already been up my shirty. there's something wrong about that.

      i don't want to feel like I'm invading his space because that happens to be something that's a really big deal to me. both not wanting to be invaded and not w anting to invade. up to now I felt comfortable with him physically- except when he kissed me the first time because no warning and id already said good night. I let it go once

    • i thought he must be nervous. so I let it go. I was being understanding tho perhaps it wouldve been better to deal with ity to set a precedent of having things out in the open.

  • Sounds weird to me.

    • yea it is but that doesn't explain why :)

    • I'm not a very good mind reader. I like it when a girlfriend is touchy feely and comfortable like that. Especially early on in the relationship when every touch sends sparks.

    • oh OK thank you:)

      wellll ifk... maybe it was too much of a spark at a time when we couldn't do anything.

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  • That is weird. I can only imagine it being one of a few things: 1. he could be a little insecure and you caught him off guard and so he reaction was a little hostile/defensive. 2. He's just kind of awkward, and doesn't know how to react to this kind of attention. 3. Something about this reminds me of a guy I dated a while ago, where he would snap at me for the most random things. When we broke up (it only lasted a couple months) and I got some perspective I realized he was really insecure and kind of a control freak. Luckily I didn't waste much time with him. Wish I could be more helpful, but the behavior you described is in no way consistent so it's hard to tell. Good luck!

    • yea had never been to his place- that was the first time. so he might have just been a bit taken aback. and he is a bit of a control freak. I mean obviously if he has no problem touching me but can't handle me just almost touching him if he's not expecting it. he was also already mad all weak, because he thought I didn't want to come over (waiting till my period was gone but I didn't tell him that. we were still meeting just in public)but I thought he was over it by the time we met that day..

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    • lol no clue if that's what happened, I was careful not to touch his actual body so I don't think I couldve turned him on.. maybe he was already hard and didn't want me to know.. maybe he thought my hands would go down or something. it was a defensive move I think so maybe he was hard. I notice he gets really stressed if I touch him w/e we can't actually do anything . like while studying -he gets real jumpy. but if were inside kissing its no problem.. sometimes tho he will suddenly want to stop.

    • and he's been in a long term relationship but they had tons of sex. We haven't even done anything without cloths or below the belt so maybe he's just worried about getting too hard when we wil have to stay put for a few hours as he'd just come to meet me but 10 minutes prior so we had some left that afternoon. Sooo maybe he was jus overall stressed.. maybe he will be that way till we f***... hmm which means , maybe this won't work right now because I'm not going to be ready for quite a while..

  • maybe it gave him an erection and he was uncomfortable with it? maybe he doesn't like a girl to be more forward than he is? maybe he just doesn't like PDA?

    • it wasn't pda my hands were cold. I used his sweater I didn't touch him. I never touch him and we were in a deserted area almost at his aprt./ anyways the main problem is he was mad and he wouldn't talk about it. I can't be expected to assume he'd have a problem, with that when we already made out in public. everything had been in public. this was the first day we went to his place.

      i guess he either was hard or didn't want me dong anything but if its #2 this isn't going to last. its irrational.

    • yeah I was just trying to help a brother out but I can't really imagine a guy not liking that lol good luck