Tattoo turns out to be his ex-girlfriend's name?

So I dated this guy and he had a tattoo of a girl's name on his body. It's an unusual name so I didn't know that it even was a name. When I asked him about it he lied and said it was just "symbolic". I didn't press him about it. Looking back, I should have. It turns out this was the name of his ex-girlfriend and they are back together now. My relationship with him is over and I definitely don't want him back. However, I feel like if he tattooed this name on his body, he must of been really in love with her. Does this then mean that I was just some rebound girl he used in between a break with his "real girl"? Is it possible that he did care about me and he didn't feel as strongly about his ex at the time he got the tattoo? Could him getting back together with her have just been a result of her being readily available, and not a sign that he always meant to get back with her?

I know I'm trying to draw a lot of conclusions from a tattoo, but I feel a bit betrayed and could use some clarity...


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  • Yeah I think you were a rebound. It's not your fault. What can you do? Just move on and try not to get involved with another guy fresh out of a relationship

    • I'm over him. The problem is he doesn't know that I know what really happened. He keeps trying to make conversation with me like he wants us to be friends. There's no way that's going to happen. He's such an ass. He saw how guarded I was before we got together, but he used me anyway, and unloaded on me about all of this personal stuff, before running away.

  • What do you expect him to do, repeat his mistake and get a tattoo of ANOTHER girl's name on his body in order to make you feel better?

    • no of course not. that's not what I meant. I was asking: does the fact that he has the tattoo of his ex/current girlfriend mean that he used me?

      you didn't have to be rude with your response btw

    • Sorry if you found my response rude, that wasn't my intent. And also, I didn't realize this was a current girlfriend, it was my understanding that you were his current and the tat was his ex. So now I'm really confused.

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