Shy girl first opens up, but then breaks off communication abruptly?

I'm 16 and new here!

I hope my English isn't that bad, well, at least I can read everything you say - we'll see ;)

But now to my problem I really need help with:

There's this extremely cute but quite shy girl in my school I have strong feelings for. After I discovered that she was somehow attracted to me too, by catching each others glances during class (the old I-don't-see-you game), accidentally bumping into each other and so on, we began to "surprisingly" meet each other on the train and/or bus after school (I often "missed" them in order to get the timing right, train stations can be quite comfortable if you now your crush COULD arrive sooner or later). Once or twice I also got the impression we were even flirting with each other, the whole posture copying, eye contact ... - the chemistry thing, y'know? ^^

She normally is a shy, quiet person unless some of her friend are around, but we had a good time together.

But we never really made it over the "Touch Barrier" (funny,there is no such word in the my language, anyhow, its pretty fitting), because usually I am overstrained by people touching me, and so all we reached was a slight shoulder tap when approaching unnoticed... (Damn, now I have to appear as the social awkward creepy guy always standing in the corner staring, but hey, I'm just f**king shy around non-long-term-friends and underestimate myself a lot)

This continued for about a month, while opening up a lot. We really seemed to match!

As we are both huge music Fans, SHE was the one to kind of ask me out first: She casually asked me whether I would like to go and see them this summer. As we were accompanied by a REALLY creepy student (just the one I described above, but female and of an impressing scruffyness), who decided to join us (well, I was AMAZED -.-), I was too surprised and confused to make it safe and just responded something like "I would love too [smile; aah, eye contact; look away quickly; wondering and cursing yourself]".

I hoped to talk to her soon and make it fix. Or maybe set up another date sooner, for this was in March while the concert will be in August and I interpreted it as an "hey, ask me out"-hint as the day was so far away... Guess I just lost the game, because the next week at the bus stop she told me she had lost her ticket and proceeded to walk home, with me staying behind and hating myself for not having the guts to just go and escort her (I live 2 stations after her, so I planned to take the bus from there).

I have to remark that she actually loses her keys/ticket whatever often, absentminded, as I am too :). I am still wondering if this was a kind of refusal or another hint...

We haven't really spoken to each other after that until now, 2-3 weeks later, while back to the I-don't-see-you-thing.

I have no clue if she gave me hints or tried to evade... I don't know how to initiate physical contact either... Guess I have lost the game...

Sorry, I know this is an extremely long text (used every single character left), but my mind is completely jammed with this... ;)

Thanks for reading!


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  • Maybe she did lost her ticket? So offering another could work. If you have the budget.

    If you don't have the budget, then ask her if she would like to do something else... It'll mean that though you have a chance to watch the concert, you'd rather be with her.

    • Hey, thank you for your fast reply!

      Well, this "ticket" actually is being paid by part school/part parents, so I guess this won't work :/

      And I'm still confused whether she rejected me or not, as there was mo conversation between us two since that... Is there any way I could find out? Or should I just go for it and try?

    • just ask her :)

      Maybe she did lose it so give her the benefit of the doubt...

      Also, if she DID reject you, then at least you'll know... Beats being on pins waiting for her next move ;)

      Seriously, it might just be a lost ticket and she's embarrassed or something? Good luck

  • Ooookay. Like you said in the text, it might be that she wants to hint to you that she isn't interested. However, she might have actually lost her ticket, in which case, she still has "feelings" for you. Maybe you should just ask her to hang out sometime? If she says that she's busy or something, you could maybe take that as a hint? Or if you're brave enough, you can ask her for her number! If you already have it, you can ask her out on a date by text.

    Hope I helped!


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